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JIS Q 9100 certified:

“Production of parts of special battery-cell for civil aircrafts and space use”
Shimamoto Factory


Our company’s history has been that of manufacturing battery components. Over the past 45 years, as battery components have evolved, we have accumulated the technologies necessary to manufacture them in our company. We combine these technologies, skilled people, and equipment to manufacture excellent battery components.


We manufacture almost all components used for specialized battery, from the cases and lids used for battery cells to the processing of electrodes and separators used inside the cells, busbars and bolts that connect the cells, and the assembly of battery unit boxes and connectors.


Components Production for Specialized Batteries

  1. TechnicalProposal
  2. MaterialArrangement
  3. ComponentProcessing
  4. FinalAssembly
  5. Inspection &Quality Assurance

Complete the process up to mass production of battery components only by communicating with us.
It results in high quality, lower prices, reduced delivery time and adjustment man-hours, and a stable supply.

Our Five Strengths

  1. Point 01

    High-mix, Low-volume Production

  2. Point 02

    Responding to requests for Short Delivery Times

  3. Point 03

    High-difficulty & Special Processing

  4. Point 04

    Design, Prototyping & Mass Production

  5. Point 05

    Strict Quality Control



JIS Q 9100 Certified

Our Shimamoto Factory was certified in September 2015 for JIS Q 9100. This means it meets the requirements for quality management systems in manufacturing specialized battery parts for civil aircraft and space applications.

Production & Quality Control Systems

We take a centralized approach to production and quality control. From receiving an order to delivering the product, every stage is managed through an integrated database. Our manufacturing records ensure that our products are all traceable.

  1. Appearance Inspection
    Appearance Inspection
  2. Dimensional Inspection
    Dimensional Inspection
  3. Helium Leak Test
    Helium Leak Test
  4. Penetration Test
    Penetration Test
  5. Tensile Test
    Tensile Test
  6. Hardness Test
    Hardness Test

We will help you choose the best manufacturing process for your needs.

Available in both English and Japanese.

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